Battle of Imphal

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The battle that time forgot, Indian Express, 25 August 2013 The battle that time forgot, Indian Express, 25 August 2013

The following is media and other coverage of the Battle of Imphal Tours, Hemant Singh Katoch and Yaiphaba Kangjam, and our books:

>> Yellow Chapter, 21 June 2021: How Hemant and Yaiphaba built the first professionally run WWII battlefields tour company in India

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>> Man's World, 2018: This Writer’s Battlefield Tours Take You Inside The Lost Battles Of Imphal & Kohima

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>> Open Magazine, 11 November 2016: [Book Review by Mark Tully] The Forgotten Battle

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>> The Caravan, August 2016: Bookshelf - The Battlefields of Imphal

>> Scroll, 15 August 2015: Why one researcher wants to revive the memory of Britain's great battle in Imphal

>> Indian Express, 8 May 2015: World War II: Heroes of Forgotten Army get visitors on 70th anniversary

>> National Geographic Traveller India, August 2014: The Men Under the Ground

>> Journal of Defence Studies, IDSA, July 2014: The Battle of Imphal: March-July 1944

>> Al Jazeera, 28 June 2014: World War Two 'forgotten army' honoured

>> NDTV, 27 June 2014: 15000 vs 1500: India's Forgotten War

>> New York Times, 21 June 2014: A Largely Indian Victory in World War II, Mostly Forgotten in India

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>> Sangai Express, Imphal, 4 January 2014: 2014 – The 70th Anniversary year of the Battle of Imphal

>> Zee News, 5 November 2013: Battle of Imphal: A Forgotten Story

>> Daily News and Analysis (DNA), Mumbai, 3 October 2013: Manipur tour service revisits forgotten Battle of Imphal through its historical sites

>> Indian Express, 25 August 2013: The battle that time forgot

>> Brown Paper Bag, Mumbai/New Delhi, 7 May 2013: Battle of Imphal Tours: Battle and Hum

>> Sangai Express, Imphal, 4 December 2012: The case for a Second World War museum in Imphal