Battle of Imphal

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The Battlefields of Imphal: The Second World War and North East India
By Hemant Singh Katoch
Routledge, 2016

This book is the first systematic mapping of the main scenes of the fighting in the critical Battle of Imphal. It connects the present with the past and links what exists today in Manipur with what happened there in 1944. The events were transformative for this little-known place and connected it with the wider world in an unparalleled way. By drawing on oral testimonies, written accounts and archival material, this book revisits the old battlefields and tells the untold story of a place and people that were perhaps the most affected by the Second World War in India.


‘This excellent book is . . . detailed yet with an engaging narrative flow, and beautifully written . . . drawing in so many authentic Manipuri voices to the narrative . . . [I]t shines a new light on this significant part of India’s modern history.’ — Robert Lyman, Fellow, Royal Historical Society, UK

‘An overlooked patch of history brilliantly brought to life! A magnificent tribute to Manipur and the gallant soldiers of a forgotten front.’ — Lt. Gen. P.C. Bhardwaj (Retd.), Former Vice Chief of Army Staff of India

‘[A]n invaluable guide in any effort to build WWII tourism in Manipur, Nagaland and the Northeast region.’ — Pradip Phanjoubam, Editor, Imphal Free Press, India


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For a high resolution and colour version of the Battle of Imphal map used in the book, please click here.