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Hemant and Yai at a remembrance ceremony at Kohima War Cemetery.

The story

The history of this website and the battlefield tours lies in the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Imphal. This website was launched in December 2012 by Hemant Singh Katoch with the aim of creating greater awareness about the Battle of Imphal and its then-upcoming 70th Anniversary in the year 2014. It included information about the battle, Manipur's experience of the Second World War, and the main battlefields and related sites of interest.

Over a period of time, the focus was expanded to include battlefield tours, first centred on Imphal and Manipur, and then on Kohima in neighbouring Nagaland. Kohima was the site of a simultaneous battle in 1944; taken together, Imphal-Kohima is considered the main turning point of the Burma Campaign of the Second World War.

The first battlefield tour around Imphal was launched in early 2013. The other tours were developed soon thereafter and have continued ever since. Each of the tours was individually conceptualised, researched, and launched. These are the first such Second World War-themed battlefield tours in India: they don't just take in the cemeteries at Imphal or Kohima; instead, they weave in a narrative of battle that for the first time includes the places where the fighting has taken place. These pioneering battlefield tours now cover the main Second World War sites across North East India.

Battle of Imphal Tours today

Battle of Imphal Tours is today run as a business partnership between its founder, New Delhi-based Hemant Singh Katoch, and Yaiphaba Kangjam ('Yai'), who is based permanently in Imphal. Yai came on board in 2014 and has since played a major role in managing, organising and conducting these tours. Both Yai and Hemant also double as battlefield guides for the tours, with Yai serving as the principal Imphal-based guide and Hemant travelling to Imphal/Kohima to conduct tours on special request.

The registered address for Battle of Imphal Tours is: 

Battle of Imphal Tours
Langthabal Mantrikhong Makha Leikai
Near Thong Amanbi
Imphal West District, Manipur

Our registration number under the Directorate of Commerce and Industries, Government of Manipur, is: N-1327/IND/16

We can be contacted via email on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

More information about Hemant and Yai is available here.