Battle of Imphal

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  • Imphal War Cemetery
    Imphal War Cemetery
    Photo by Ranjit Moirangthem
  • Maibam Lokpa Ching
    Maibam Lokpa Ching
    The Japanese-constructed India Peace Memorial at Maibam Lokpaching on the Tiddim Road.
    Photo by Ranjit Moirangthem
  • Nungshigum
    View from Nungshigum massif towards the Ukhrul Road.
    Photo by Ranjit Moirangthem
  • Imphal Main or Koirengei Airfield.
    Imphal Main or Koirengei Airfield.
    The Airfield was critical for receiving supplies and reinforcements during the Battle of Imphal.
    Photo by Ranjit Moirangthem
  • INA Memorial Complex
    INA Memorial Complex
    The Complex includes the site where the Indian tri-colour was hoisted for the first time in April 1944.
    Photo by Ranjit Moirangthem

The Battle of Imphal

“Imphal was one of the greatest Allied victories of the war, a turning point as significant in Asia as EI Alamein and Stalingrad had been in Africa and Europe” - Peter Heehs, History Today

The northeast Indian state of Manipur was a key battleground during the Second World War. A quiet corner of the Raj until then, in 1942 it suddenly found itself on the frontier between the Japanese in Burma (now Myanmar) and the British in India. It turned into a massive battlefield in 1944 when the Japanese, together with Indian National Army (INA) units, launched Operation U Go, with its main objective of capturing Imphal, Manipur’s capital. The period from March to July of that year saw fierce fighting take place across the state in what is called the Battle of Imphal.

On April 20, 2013, the combined battle of Imphal/Kohima was voted Britain's Greatest Battle by the National Army Museum of the UK.

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